Sunday, May 6, 2012

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I'm thinking we have had a busy week. The boys are so busy with end of the year projects and we finally finished soccer and LAX season with the final tournament this past Saturday. I got to see Camille for a while and I also went out with Amber Saturday night. The boys were with their dad most of the weekend. Well, Alex was at the house most of the weekend. I read in church this morning. The boys weren't there because they were asleep when I went to get them at their dad's this morning like I do when they are there. Disappointing. Today's sermon was a good one the boys would have benefited from hearing. What wasn't disappointing is that Alex went to the gym to work out with me today. He has to get in shape to go to North Carolina in June. He was hesitant but I think he was shocked at what I could do and wanted to show me up. He even ran on the treadmill. Wonder if he will go with me at 6am tomorrow morning. Lucy and Sophie were glad to have all three boys here tonight. We had excitement today when I was watering out back. Baby bunnies are living under one of my flower pots. Six of them. I found that out when they ran when I watered the plant. Lucy had one in her mouth and I freaked out. She dropped it when I screamed. She is a hunter that Lucy. She was even after Sam's second dinner tonight. That's the update here at Fletcher365. We look forward to a better week. NO SOCCER OR LACROSSE PRACTICE AT NIGHT!! Yippeeee!