Thursday, July 5, 2012

Sam got his own fish tank - for FREE

Stephanie works with a lady whose son just turned 18 and he told his mom that now that he was 18 that he didn't want to live by her rules and so he was going to move out.  She told him if he was going to move out that he couldn't take his car or his things that he didn't buy himself.  That included a FISH TANK!  Since Alex already has one (a big one), Stephanie and Alex got the little one (10 gallon) for Sam to have.  It already had all the stuff in it so all Sam has to buy is FISH.  Today Alex and Sam worked on the tank to clean it up for a few hours.  It looks great!  Alex had the stuff for Sam to use to make sure the water is the right mixture so the water is in the tank tonight.  Tomorrow we will go to the fish store and Sam will buy 3 fish.  He will use his own money and this will be his responsibility.  Since it is not a salt water tank, it will be easier.  Sam is just so excited.  The boys are suppose to be with their dad this weekend but they wan to stay here and play with their fish tanks. (Kinda weird if you ask me but "whatever").  I'm always happy to have them here so it will be great fun. 
The summer is going by fast so I am looking forward to every single day.  Sam put his tank by his bed and said he has a new nightlight.  This will keep him in his room for sure.  So that is what we are up to here in the world of Fletcher365.