Sunday, September 2, 2012

Will post more

I promise!   Here are the pictures I had to choose from.  We made our choice and I'm hoping you guess right.  What do you think?

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Sam got his own fish tank - for FREE

Stephanie works with a lady whose son just turned 18 and he told his mom that now that he was 18 that he didn't want to live by her rules and so he was going to move out.  She told him if he was going to move out that he couldn't take his car or his things that he didn't buy himself.  That included a FISH TANK!  Since Alex already has one (a big one), Stephanie and Alex got the little one (10 gallon) for Sam to have.  It already had all the stuff in it so all Sam has to buy is FISH.  Today Alex and Sam worked on the tank to clean it up for a few hours.  It looks great!  Alex had the stuff for Sam to use to make sure the water is the right mixture so the water is in the tank tonight.  Tomorrow we will go to the fish store and Sam will buy 3 fish.  He will use his own money and this will be his responsibility.  Since it is not a salt water tank, it will be easier.  Sam is just so excited.  The boys are suppose to be with their dad this weekend but they wan to stay here and play with their fish tanks. (Kinda weird if you ask me but "whatever").  I'm always happy to have them here so it will be great fun. 
The summer is going by fast so I am looking forward to every single day.  Sam put his tank by his bed and said he has a new nightlight.  This will keep him in his room for sure.  So that is what we are up to here in the world of Fletcher365.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Chase in Colorado

Here is what was posted today on the page for the church middle school retreat in Colorado.  Chase is easy to see.  He is the one sitting on the ground with the black shoes reading his bible.  So he looks like he is having fun.

Happy Birthday to Grandpa!!!

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Sharing is caring.

I'm thinking we have had a busy week. The boys are so busy with end of the year projects and we finally finished soccer and LAX season with the final tournament this past Saturday. I got to see Camille for a while and I also went out with Amber Saturday night. The boys were with their dad most of the weekend. Well, Alex was at the house most of the weekend. I read in church this morning. The boys weren't there because they were asleep when I went to get them at their dad's this morning like I do when they are there. Disappointing. Today's sermon was a good one the boys would have benefited from hearing. What wasn't disappointing is that Alex went to the gym to work out with me today. He has to get in shape to go to North Carolina in June. He was hesitant but I think he was shocked at what I could do and wanted to show me up. He even ran on the treadmill. Wonder if he will go with me at 6am tomorrow morning. Lucy and Sophie were glad to have all three boys here tonight. We had excitement today when I was watering out back. Baby bunnies are living under one of my flower pots. Six of them. I found that out when they ran when I watered the plant. Lucy had one in her mouth and I freaked out. She dropped it when I screamed. She is a hunter that Lucy. She was even after Sam's second dinner tonight. That's the update here at Fletcher365. We look forward to a better week. NO SOCCER OR LACROSSE PRACTICE AT NIGHT!! Yippeeee!

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Sunday night/Monday morning

We have just finished our Lacrosse season and our Soccer season. The boys have so much homework. I've been in town but working a lot. I just had to put $2,000.00 in my car for repairs after it didn't pass inspection. We went to church today. Sam stayed home. His allergies have been so bad after being on the Soccer and Lacrosse fields this week. When we got home from church, Alex laid down in his bed. I went to wake up Sam in his bed. I woke up 5 hours later. So for today, Alex, Sam and I, slept in the middle of the day. Chase, on the other hand, painted wood for a project we are doing while watching his new obsession, Dr. Who, on TV. He was so happy with the three of us out of his way. Needless to say, it is 1:20am and I am just now going to bed. We have been a houseful of sleeping beauties for sure here at Fletcher365.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Here fishy fishy....

Alex has always wanted a fish tank in his room.  I keep saying no.  He doesn't need anymore responsibility in my opinion.  But.....he has continued to talk about it, price it, and study about it online.  So he has his own money and we talked about how much he was saving and how he needed to be cautious with his money.

He went out and bought himself a tank yesterday.  He bought live rock (whatever that means) and sand from the fish store.  Okay, he is uber excited and it is nice to see.  He can't put fish in it for a month.  He did find some kind of snail in his live rock.

He put it on top of his dresser and it is what you see when you look in his room from the living room.  Okay.  I kinda like it so far and there are NO FISH in it yet.  I'm proud of him for doing his homework, managing it so it is not an impulse buy, and learning more about it.  I can't argue with that.  So now we have 2 dogs, 1 snail and the anticipation of some cool fish here at Fletcher365.