Friday, February 24, 2012

Chase and What Makes Him Smile

Chase loves his school.  They get out an hour earlier on Fridays.  That is the time that Chase and I protect for us to do something together before Sam and Alex get home from school.  Lots of times we go have lunch or we run a few errands.  The spontaneous conversation is priceless!  Today Chase and I talked about a few sensitive subjects and I am always amazed at his maturity and wisdom.  He doesn't always show those two things to his brothers.  Their loss.  Today Chase was allowed to bring home his tile that he made in his art class.  I went to his school last week to see the Art Gallery presentation that his art teacher scheduled.  There were about 10 parents there for 10 people in his art class.  I sat up front (which Chase usually doesn't love).  This painting of a bird is one of the pieces that Chase showed.  He is very proud of it and gave me permission to put it in my office.  It makes me smile because it makes him smile.  Lucy loves it too.

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