Thursday, April 12, 2012

Marking their Baptism

Last night, Chase and Sam were Baptized.  There were 5 people being Baptized in the chapel.  We had the most guests with Patti and her boys, Corey (Nathan's mom), Buffy and her girls (Stephanie's family) and the boys' dad came with Ben.  My friends have been so supportive of my life with the boys and they know that their Baptism is a long time coming for me.  Still, it is a good thing that they are old enough to understand what it means.  I am proud of them.

The whole youth group for middle school was there and Sam and Chase have a few friends that were there.  I wish they could go every Wednesday night to youth group to be with their friends and make new friends, but that is the night with their dad.

We have talked quite a lot about Baptism, Communion, and the boys are developing a good relationship with Father Clint, Erik and Mike who are the leaders of the youth at church.  They are very likeable family men and I am glad the boys have them as role models. 

After the ceremony, the boys and I went to Corner Bakery with Buffy and her girls.  It was so nice.  Then we went home to plant this tree in the backyard.  It is a Red Maple to acknowledge the day of their Baptism.  I got it at Big Lots for $15 and it is taller than Alex!  Now that is tall.  We all helped dig the hole and put it in the ground.  I am excited to watch it grow.  What it means to me is that the kids are growing into great gentleman (okay, that is a stretch but it is my hope).  I want them to know that they are leaders and to not be afraid.  That is all about being a part of the family in Fletcher365.

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