Sunday, April 8, 2012

There is a reason why I haven't blogged in a while.  Life gets in the way. 

Here is the interview for Channel 33 from Friday night.  The cameraman came to my house to film me for the news that night.  Amber took this picture.  She was already dressed to kill.  As soon as Brian, the cameraman, was done, I changed clothes and then we were both dressed to kill.  My hair looks great doesn't it?  I did not do it myself.  Wish I could.

So as we get ready for school tomorrow, Sam tried to get back into the routine of getting ready for the next day.  He started the shower and then just forgot about it.  So that is why there is so much fog in my bathroom.  Sam doesn't make that mistake too often. It is usually Chase or me.  So we are thinking there is a science experiment in there somewhere. 

I promise to blog more frequently.  I don't travel for three weeks.  That makes it a lot easier to get things done at home and get through my "to do" list which includes blogging every day.   We have had a Happy Easter here at that is what it is like tonight at Fletcher365.

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