Friday, March 23, 2012

Getting ready for a crafty weekend

Tonight the boys and I went to Michael's, Home Depot, and Walmart.  Now that spells trouble.  When we did the final clean out of the garage we found things that had been purchased but never used.  We put them all in a bag and took them back to Home Depot and Walmart and got store credit for the items.  These things have just been sitting in our garage for 4 years!  With the money, we bought some wood, some paint (on sale for 77 cents), twine and a bunch of other things.  We have a few ideas cooking to make over the weekend.  The weather is great here and Sophie and Lucy just LOVE being in the backyard.  We are spending a lot of time back there.  It is all cleaned up and rearranged.  We LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it.  Stay tuned because we have some things up our sleeves here at Fletcher 365.  Here is another sampling of what we will be doing tomorrow.

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