Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Alex is going to Outward Bound this summer!

I am so excited that I can get a scholarship for Alex to go on a 9 day trip for Outward Bound this summer.  He will go from June 18 to June 26th.  He will be in North Carolina.  When I went, I was in Colorado and Utah for 14 days.  Alex has a lot going on and wants to work a lot this summer to save money so 9 days was a good amount of time for a trip for him. 

This is his trip http://www.ncobs.org/course/40 and he will be one of 12 kids from ages 16 to 18.  He is very excited and so am I.  I want this experience for all three kids if I can.  This is perfect timing for Alex.  So I will continue to work my butt off to pay what isn't covered with a scholarship.  But I will do it because this is a priceless opportunity for Alex to learn what he is made of.

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