Thursday, March 22, 2012

Time is ticking

I won't be one to say "I can't believe how fast my boys have grown up".  I know every day is precious.  I know they will all be on their own some day.  I know my job is to give them guidance to be adults I can be proud of.  We live in the moment when we are together and celebrate those things that make them independent.  They are embracing it and I'm proud. I'm proud now of the young men they show themselves to be.  As I get ready to take Alex on another college visit, it is so exciting to see the look in his eye that tells me he is scared and he is excited.  He has so many questions about what it will be like and how things will work.  He will discover so much when he is on his own.  He will be ready and so will I.  I look forward to knowing them as adults and they will still be a part of Fletcher365.

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