Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Is this freaky or what?

Alex, Chase and Sam are favorite neighbors for Wesley and Tye.  They live across the street with their mom Amber.  Wesley turns three in the next month and Tye will be one soon.  This picture was taken soon after Tye was born and we were visiting to give Amber a break.  We love that Amber and her kids come over to hang out.  Chase is especially good with Wesley.  He makes her laugh.  Now when she is in a bad mood, Amber brings her over for Chase to get Wesley back to "normal".  It is scary to see Alex holding these babies.  What is even scarier is that Wesley was competing for Alex's attention so she suddenly took off all her clothes to get Alex's attention.  Under the blanket, she's naked!  Alex closed his eyes so he wouldn't see, just like a gentleman should.  We gave her the blanket to put over her so we could take a picture.  I have a feeling instead of making things easier for Amber, we just might be making it harder sometimes.

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