Monday, March 12, 2012

Playing dress up

A while back, I took Sophie with me to pick Chase up at school.  We went to my office to pick something up.  Sophie is always welcome at the office because the boss is really nice there.  While Chase was waiting for me to do my thing, he dressed Sophie up in all sorts of costumes we had at the office.  I'll show more to you later.  For now, Sophie, Lucy, Alex and I are enjoying this photo while Chase and Sam are in Panama City with their dad.  We miss them but know they are having a fun time with Grammie.  While Sophie isn't too excited about being in a costume, she would let Chase and Sam do anything to her, except maybe put Lucy on her back.  Oh I have a picture of that too.  It will come in future blogs to show you what it is like here at Fletcher365.

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