Sunday, March 4, 2012

Living life.....

When Alex and I went to visit Texas A & M for a college visit, we stopped at a Cracker Barrel restaurant on our way home.  He and I talked about his goals, his ideas, and what inspires him.  It was a short conversation but we talked about the importance of living in the "now".  I can see that the boys understand that living in the present is important.  I don't want them to live in the past or the future at the expense of the present.  While Alex and I walked around the store after lunch, I found this picture with a saying that I read in a book.  It is perfect for what I want for my boys.  Alex seems to get it and now I'm trying to help Chase and Sam see it for themselves.  The picture hangs at the top of the stairs in our home where the boys can see it almost everyday.  It is called "Living Life" and it reads:  "Life is not a race - but indeed a journey.  Be honest.  Work hard.  Be choosy.  Say 'thank you', 'I love you', and 'great job' to someone each day.  Go to church, take time for prayer.  The Lord giveth and the Lord taketh.  Let your handshake mean more than pen and paper.  Love your life and what you've been given, it is not accidental - search for your purpose and do it as best you can.  Dreaming does matter.  It allows you to become that which you aspire to be.  Laugh often.  Appreciate the little things in life and enjoy them.  Some of the best things really are free.  Do not worry, less wrinkles are more becoming.  Forgive, it frees the soul.  Take time for yourself - plan for longevity.  Recognize the special people you've been blessed to know.  Live for today, enjoy the moment." (Bonnie L. Mohr)

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