Saturday, March 17, 2012

Elvis is in the house

While the boys were gone, I did a lot of closet cleaning, back yard primping, talking with Alex and working.  It has been a very productive week.  The big event was going out with Patty and Will Cline to celebrate their 32nd wedding anniversary.  They really did get married when they were 17.  We had such a good time and laughed so much.  During dinner, Sam sent me a text while he was with his friend Nathan in Panama City Beach to tell me about his week.  I kept answering even though I was at dinner.  Everyone in my life knows my kids come first and they tolerate this from me, and sometimes they enjoy it too.  Sam told me that Nathan's brother Eric got a tattoo.  I simply replied, "me too" and that is where it all started.  He BELIEVED me!  So at dinner we all tried to figure out how I could continue to trick him.  And since I really don't have a tattoo and really don't want one, we had to figure something out.  After dinner we went to Houlihan's for after dinner drinks and behold, our bartender was a girl with a dragon tattoo.  She also had an Elvis tattoo on her upper arm.  We took a picture of it and sent it to Sam.  Alex is going to play along too.  I can't wait to see how long it takes Sam before he figures this one out.  Does her really think I would get a tattoo?  If I did, does he really think it would be of Elvis?

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