Friday, March 2, 2012

When they are down....they are down

Sam didn't go to school today.  He had his choir concert last night and was so tired when we came home.  Amber and I took Alex out to dinner to talk more about colleges while Chase and Sam stayed home.  When we got back to the house at 9:15pm, Sam was already in his bed asleep.  So it was then that I knew things weren't normal.  Luckily (or maybe it was unlucky) that I was attending a conference today in downtown Dallas.  I came home at lunch time and stayed home the rest of the day with Sam.  We just laid around together.  We watched TV.  We sat quietly.  I kept him company.  That is the best part of being a mom.  The worst part is seeing one of them sick.  When Sam is down....he is down and that is what it has been like today in Fletcher365.

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